Intelligent IoT Management

⌛︎ Improve Engineering Efficiency.
✓ Increase Customer Satisfaction.
💲 Reduce Support Costs.
↗️ Accelerate Your Growth

Access Everything You Need for Your IoT Devices in One Place

With Damonto, you can streamline you design, deploy, and debug scripts and processes so that your team can provide excellent customer service, design world class products, and quickly deploy updates seamlessly.


All your IoT data in one place so you can design with configence

  • Cross-Platform

  • Machine-to-Machine

  • Reliable messaging

  • WebSockets

  • Invite your Team to Collaborate


Save common scripts for easy access

  • Testing Scripts

  • Alerts & Notifications

  • Monitoring

  • Device/Ecosystem Health & Wellness


Help customers while you have them on the phone.

  • Debugging Scripts

  • Device History

  • Trend Graphing

  • Release Notes

  • Search Logs

Take Control of Your IoT Devices Today

Let us help you manage your IoT Devices!

Most IoT Device Problems

💻 Connection

WiFi Connected?

🎛 Setup

Latest Firmware?

🔋 Power

Battery Ok?

Damonto Gets Results Like:

  • 80% Faster Ticket Completion Time

  • 75% Reduction in Support Costs

  • 90% Customer Satisfaction Rate Increase

  • 3x Less Time in Testing New Builds

  • 2x Quicker Support Resolution

  • Priceless Productivity

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